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…Things have been pretty touchy and perpetually on the edge of a complete mental and physical collapse since June… But it is starting to look like things might actually work out right now… I’ve been through alot since then,most of which I’m not comfortable going into, but its intense by many standards. Maybe I’ll put my story on tumblr when things feel more secure. But for now I feel like;


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If you’re going to read just one wonderful Adventure Time write-up today (and you should), make it this one by Maria Bustillos. In it, she talks with the key creative gang of Pen, Adam, Pat, Kent, Rebecca, Nick, and Jack, making for a fairly definitive overview of the series. Read it here. Thanks, Maria!

The resolution of each eleven-minute episode is anything but tidily triumphant; each one is as likely to end on a question or a joke as on an answer. Yet one comes away satisfied, a little bit the way one might at a David Lynch movie. The narrative is endlessly malleable, and includes all the possibilities granted by the existence of wizards and magical creatures, time travel, and a huge, ever-evolving cast. It’s a canvas and a story big enough for dozens of artists to make their own way. Even the drawing style is inconsistent, handmade-feeling; longtime fans may learn to detect the hand or voice of a favorite storyboard artist or writer. The goal of the show seems to be exploration, not uniformity.


~~*~CD’s “I have no money and want to not be stressed and frustrated/want to move out” commissions~*~~

I figured it was time I made an updated commission post! So hot diggity damn here’s what I’ll draw for you

  • Almost anything (animals, OCs, fanart [as long as the original work’s creators are down with it], I’m willing to try anything)
  • I will not draw anything sexual! But I am fine with above-the-belt nudity.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Headshot, sketch, plain: £3
  • Headshot, sketch, colour: £4
  • Headshot, full lines/colour: £5
  • Waist-up, sketch, plain: £5
  • Waist-up, sketch, colour: £6
  • Waist-up, full lines/colour: £7
  • Full-body, sketch, plain: £10
  • Full-body, sketch, colour: £12
  • Full-body, full lines/colour: £15

Payment is to be made via paypal ( and I will start drawing after payment is received. Hmu via ask on my art blog before any money transfers happen to discuss with me what you’d like me to draw!

If you don’t want to or can’t afford to commission me please at least reblog this! Thank you!


  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN



As it says in the description, I haven’t been able to land a job for the summer, which basically means that I’m stuck studying the entire summer just to get the minimal financial support, which just barely covers my rent.

My aim here is to collect some money to make my summer less miserable and to make sure I will always have enough money for food and rent.

So here’s the deal:

I will draw pretty much anything, but I do have my limits. e.g I will not draw anything that is directly meant to be offensive towards a person or a group. If you’re not sure if your prompt is crossing my limits, you can always hit me up with a message and ask me! (you can always go anon on tumblr winkwink)

Also, remember that I am currently studying, so I won’t be able to work on anything that is extremely time sensitive. I will finish your commission as fast as I can, obviously, but going on lectures and studying comes first. Everything else has to be flexible, which is why I can’t work on any tight schedules.

About payment:

I’m working with a set price, which means that the price won’t change once I start drawing (unless you want me to work on the picture excessively even after I’ve sent you the final image - but even in those cases I’m going to negotiate possible extra payments before I start doing anything, so we’ll always be on the same page when it comes to money.)

I won’t ask you to send me any money before I have finished the drawing. This is because I want to be a good person and not take your money “for nothing”. (Not that there’s anything wrong with taking payments in advance, but I just feel better knowing I’m getting paid after working on something.)

I’m only accepting payments via PayPal. (OR If you’re a Finn you can send the money with bank-to-bank payment)




  •  character sketch: 10€
  •  additional characters + complex props: +7€


  • character portrait: bust 20€/full body 25€
  •  additional characters + complex props: +10€

Reference sheets

  • depending on complexity/ amount of images you need for the sheet: 20€ - 40€

Full Illustrations (w/ background)

  • One character: 40 - 50 €
  • Additional characters + complex props: 20€
  • Landscape (with no detailed characters): depending on complexity 40 - 60€


you can see more of my stuff @ my art blog!


If you’re interested, please send me a message at with a description of your commission! (We can then talk about the pricing and all the other jazz in more detail.)

You can also send questions and/or comments to my tumblr inbox.


I understand a lot of people can’t afford to pay anything, but giving me as much as a reblog would help me out a lot!

Thank you in advance!


We are taught early on that we must choose a career, we must earn money for when we marry, have children and pay off a mortgage. But we are never taught to experience life. To travel, experience new places, new foods. To fall in love, because heartbreak is just another lesson in developing who you are. We aren’t asked; when you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

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